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Jazari Hair Care

We have gathered some helpful hair care tips and products that have worked well with our hair extensions.
Some products can be purchased in Salons while others can easily be found in your local drugstore or market. Please be mindful, each bundle of hair comes from a different donor, therefore each bundle will be uniquely different. A product that you may always use or have used in the past may not always work well with every texture or bundle of hair.

It can take a few weeks to create a regimen that works for your hair. At about two weeks, you know if your regimen is a good one for your extensions. If your hair is moisturized and easy to manage, it's agreeing with your regimen. If at this point your hair begins to tangle, it's an indication that your hair isn't getting enough moisture. You will have to remember that your hair is not new. Someone has been successfully wearing the hair 20+ years before you have received it.

So if your hair suddenly becomes unmanageable, it's most likely due to its new regimen and not a question of the hairs quality. The Hair here isn't manufactured or created. It's simply Pure Virgin hair that has been washed and wefted so it can't easily be labeled as bad; but uniquely different than the other bundles that you may have.

Hair Maintenance

Machine Wefts
- If you must cut your wefts, it's best to seal the track with a sealant such as Fray Check.
- Never sew through the top of the weft, it is recommended that you sew around the weft and onto the braided track. Putting a needle through the weft will damage the wefts and cause shedding.

- Comb through hair prior to washing to remove any tangles
- Co-wash once per week (no shampoo, use conditioner only)
- Shampoo at least once a month using a sulfate free shampoo with a pH between 5 and 6.5
- Do not rub or massage the hair when washing; this can cause tangling
-Always condition after washing
- When applying conditioner, comb hair, starting with the ends, and work your way up to the scalp being sure to avoid root/weft tension
- After washing and conditioning, apply a good leave-in conditioner
- Apply a dime sized amount of Argan Oil
- Let hair air dry
- Every three to five weeks the hair should be deep conditioned

Daily Care
- Brush or comb through the hair daily with anti-static brush or comb
- Comb hair gently to avoid root tension
- Finger comb curly hair
- For wavy or curly hair, wet the hair every morning with water and leave-in detangling conditioner. Do not attempt to achieve curls using alcohol-based products
- Use styling aids in moderation. Using alcohol free products is a must!
- Avoid blowing hair dry – excessive heat is damaging to hair extensions

- Prior to sleep wrap hair or braid hair into loose braid(s)
- We recommend sleeping on satin pillows or with a satin cap to avoid friction while sleeping

Specific Conditions

- To prevent dryness, apply oil twice weekly. Oils left on the hair overnight (on the ends only) is very effective. Remember, hair extensions do not have the benefit of your own natural scalp oils, so adding natural oils into your hair care regimen will help to replace those necessary oils. Jazari recommends using mink, jojoba, argan or macadamia oils as a part of your maintenance regimen.

Tangling or Matting
- If your hair is tangling it means its DRY or has product buildup. If all of your hair is dry, then try another conditioner or regimen that works better at moisturizing your hair. All shampoos and conditioners will not work well with every bundle. Each bundle comes from a single donor and may or may not respond well to your regimen. If one or more of your bundles is tangling, deep condition your hair with a rich conditioner or mask and allow it to sit on the hair for at least an hour. If your hair responds well to a deep condition and stops tangling, then continue to deep condition as often as your hair needs it.

If your hair does not respond well to a deep condition, you will need to try a product that agrees with your hair. You may have a bundle of hair that doesn't act or respond like the others. It doesn't mean your bundle is "bad". It means that you will need to find a regimen that agrees with that bundle until they all cooperate harmoniously. If your hair has product buildup, wash your hair with a clarifying or sulfate free shampoo and recondition your hair as normal. Curly hair is very high maintenance. If you aren't willing to maintain your hairs moisture and cleanliness, you may want to consider another texture. Curly hair is definitely for advanced-intermediate virgin hair wearers.

It is not recommended that you swim with extensions; chlorine and salt water can be damaging. However if you do, the following precautions are recommended:

- Never wear a swimming cap or anything that covers your hair, the friction may cause matting
- Before swimming comb out tangles
- Braid hair into one braid at back of neck
- Try to keep head above water; do not swim under water, no diving
- After swimming keep head out of shower
- Immediately after showering undo braid, comb hair and let air-dry
- Follow with shampooing and conditioning

- Braid hair into one braid at back of neck
- The steam of the sauna will penetrate the hair and wet it
- Do not wrap hair in towel, which will compress it
- After sauna keep head out of shower
- Immediately after showering undo braid, comb hair and let air-dry
- Follow with shampooing and conditioning

- Braid hair into one braid at back of neck
- After sunbathing do not unbraid until hair has cooled down
- Undo braid, comb hair
- Follow with appropriate shampooing and conditioning as needed

Miscellaneous Tips

- Co-washing your hair give it life - that is, wash your extensions with a high quality conditioner instead of shampoo. Although Jazari hair extensions are 100% virgin human hair, they do not receive nutrients from the scalp like your own hair. Heat is your hair extensions' biggest enemy. The more you use, the shorter the lifespan of your hair. We cannot guarantee that the hair will remain silky if you blow dry, flat iron, or curl excessively.
- When sleeping, we highly recommend that you braid or wrap your hair to prevent tangling
- When washing extensions, always wash them in a downward motion. Use your fingers in a horizontal motion between wefts to cleanse your scalp. When rinsing, do the same to be sure that all of shampoo and conditioner residues are removed
- If you perm, dye, bleach or cellophane the hair, you do so at your own risk. We cannot guarantee any hair that has been chemically altered. If you must chemically alter it, then be sure to do a test strand first. This will allow you to test how the hair will hold up to any chemicals you plan to use.
- Never use a deep cleaning shampoo on extensions as they can dry and damage the hair's cuticle. It is important to use a shampoo that will replace any lost natural oils and add moisture to the hair
- Allow hair to air dry whenever possible
- Salt from perspiration, if allowed to buildup on the hair will strip the hair making it hard and brittle. If you exercise, make a practice of rinsing and conditioning the hair after each workout. Shampooing after a workout is not always necessary
- If you have bonded extensions, avoid applying heat to the bonded areas

- In order to create the "Wet and Wavy" look with straight hair use the following method:
1. Wash and condition hair then blot dry with towel until hair is only slightly damp
2. Apply leave in conditioner, comb hair and section hair into at least 6 sections
3. Apply a small amount of tea tree oil or oil of your choice to each section and braid each section individually
4. Allow hair to completely air dry before clipping hair up and going to bed
5. The next morning unbraid hair and finger comb. You now have beautifully waved hair!

***The products below are known to cause severe dryness and tangle hair:
- Herbal Essence Shampoos, 2in1, and Conditioners
- Organix Moroccan Shampoo/Conditioner (blue bottles)

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